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  1. faberuna says:

    Hi – I am featuring your collection on Faberuna today. Do you have Twitter &/or Facebook?

  2. Susan Jones says:

    Your work is beautiful. I have a selfish motivation for seeking “Micklish” in San Diego. I knew a Peter Micklish in high school and would really like to know how his life has been, if he is happy and how things are going for him now – . There are a few people that I have found. It seems as you get older, there is a curiousity about those you have cared for. Is Peter by any chance your father? If so, I am also on Facebook if you could ask him to let me know how his life has turned out.
    Thanks so much!

  3. Stephanie says:

    First of all, I LOVE your work! I have a question though… How do you attach the floating shelf to the bracket? I’m trying to find brackets for a floating shelf and am so confused. Some that I see have holes in the rod where you screw the shelf to the bracket but the only ones I can find don’t have those holes! If all you do is slide the shelf onto the bracket, how does it not separate from the wall and leave a gap??? Hopefully I’m making sense :)

    • Hello,

      I’m not sure where you could buy this bracket, I make mine. Anyhow, the bracket is a 5/8 round steel welded to a flat plate, and the shelf is made to slide over the bracket. I route out the back of the shelf so that it hides the back flat metal of the bracket. Hope that helps clarify everything for you.

  4. Anna says:

    Hi Curtis, beautiful work! Are you self-taught or have you done some sort of furniture/industrial design degree?

  5. Nick says:

    Curtis – I love the fire pit you built. I have been wanting to rebuild mine and love the solid concrete look ( I used cement blocks and stucco’d the outside before). Do you mind sharing with me the type of concrete you used? I am worried about it cracking and can’t find to much good information online. Any other tips you learned along the way? I’m in NC or would hire you, love the work!

    • Hey Nick,
      I do have a couple tips as I ran in to a problem with spalling. I just haven’t had the time to update the blog :) I have done the firepits before with block, smoooth stucco exterior and fireglass or volcanic rock on the inside, but they were gas and the heat intensity was less than logs laying on the sides of the block. This one I did form and concrete, but had some problems with spalling so I added an interior layer of fireblock (no joints), that you can get in 1 1/2″ thick. This will withstand any temperature a firepit will produce and I would always work with firebrick in the future to eliminate any possibility of spalling.

  6. Wow Curtis your work is just incredible. I would love to share a bit more about it and some photos on my simple design blogs 1– original space “designed opinions” started at and; 2–here (after we’re fully constructed for shares) on WordPress which is a better web platform for our future direction, at ? I will send a message here or a link as post is complete. If there are any photos you’d like us to share, send them through our Contact Us. ;)

  7. Hi Curtis,

    Fantastic job with the butler, I googled place to keep wallet, hand phone and keys and your invention came up. I was wondering, will it cater to the new iPhone 6? And do you ship to Australia? Thanks!!

  8. Hi Curtis,

    Fantastic job with ‘the butler’. I googled place to keep wallet, phone and keys and your invention came up! So I was wondering does it cater to the iPhone 6? Let me know please as I would love to get it for my husband if it does!!
    Also, do you ship to Australia? Thanks!!

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