Thanks for visiting theprojectmodern. My name is Curtis and I am a designer/builder from San Diego, California — micklish.com

I have been building things since I was a kid, fortunate to have a carpenter for a father. After several different jobs that involved building or design, I discovered my true passion for modern design and began creating my own projects full time. I design and build furniture/objects and sometimes spaces by day and on the weekends I work on renovating a Mid-Century home.

I think the best part about my work is the process: from sketch, to spec, to mock up, to building and reworking it to get it just right. There is a sense of accomplishment I get in this process that will always bring me back for more. Every day I head down to my shop excited for what I will be working on next, and this feeling never seems to get old.

Thanks for visiting my blog – Curtis


4 Responses to about

  1. Byron Wear says:

    Like your website and work. Will be in touch within the next 6 months.

    Byron Wear

  2. boyana says:

    Hi are you in NY by chance?
    I like the ribbed credenza, how much?


  3. JayNine says:

    Found you through your etsy shop! Incredible designs. Well-deserved Award Win–Congratulations! Look forward to seeing more of your designs and posts. Thanks for sharing with us here ;) J9

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