Leloo wins A’ Design Award

I just found out that the Leloo has won the A’ Design Award for Bathroom Furniture. I began working on this design over a year ago and after many prototypes I’m happy to report I have a nicely working finished product that does everything I set out for it to do.Picture 9

Now for a little background on my latest design. LeLoo creates a new way of looking at your bathroom and some of its essential pieces. People transform their bathrooms into the jewels of their home, adorning the space with beautiful stone, doors of glass, hardwood vanities, and sculptural plumbing fixtures, yet more often than not, the plunger, brush and stacks of magazines spoil the space.


LeLoo was created to hide these unpleasant items, while at the same time adding an additional design element to the space. The white oak top is removable with a small finger pull, and inside hangs the plunger and brush. The hanging element allows for a clean and sanitary dry, with a washable acrylic base and an open back for maximum airflow.


When the plunger and brush are not in use, which is almost always, the multifunctional LeLoo is a minimal magazine display. This space is designed to be big enough to hold 1-2 of your favorite editorials, yet small enough to eliminate the potential for stacks to accumulate.


With complementary finishes of white washable acylic and white oak, LeLoo transforms the eyesores of the bathroom into a new centerpiece where organization and thrive.

leloo5Photography: Alyssa Lavine



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