Conference Table Time

I just completed a fun project for a Carlsbad law firm. They just bought new offices and redesigned the interiors, so they wanted to add something special to their conference room to finish things off.  Their request was for a solid white top with electrical and communication needs, so I came up with a few different designs to work from and we eventually narrowed it to one.


In order to provide power for up to 10 people for laptops, we decided to keep the table top clean and hide the outlets on the underside, eliminating messy cords that could busy up the table. In addition, I added a custom brass niche on the top that hides power, CAT 6 and HDMI for video conferencing needs.


I got started on the legs first, deciding to make them out of steel and sleeve them in walnut in order to provide a hidden chase for the electrical and communications wiring.


I made the frame out of 2″ tube steel. It’s probably a little on the heavy side, but at over 10′ long with a heavy electrical chase and a porcelain top I didn’t want to risk not having the proper support.


The electrical chase was made using a plug mold system. I wanted to provide an outlet to each person at the table so this flexible system allows you to move the outlets to whatever your specifications may be and keep it clean and minimal.


The chase in the leg was made 3/4″ x 1″, just enough room for the three cords. It was a tight fit :)


The top of the table is white porcelain. After doing a lot of research, I found 1/4″ slabs of porcelain. I really wanted a solid surface but not glass or acrylic as they tend to scratch easily.  I finallly came upon 1/4″ porcelain that was available in a matte finish and I’m really happy with how it looks with everything.  To finish the edges off, I used aluminum L that I painted matte white.

IMG_2188Here is a finished pic of the electrical chase.  Hanging  just 2″ below the finished top, its completely concealed from view.


In order to conceal the electrical and communications in the top, I created a brushed brass band on top with a recessed box. The door to the niche has a gap large enough to allow cords to feed through them while in use, which really keeps everything clean and minimizes the sight of any  electrical on the table top.

The table ended up weighing about 300 pounds, so with the help of 3 big delivery guys, we got it up a flight of stairs and safely in the new conference room. Great project, happy clients :)


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