Pinstripe Bike Shelf

I recently got a request to design a bike shelf. I really like the concept of displaying the bike like you would a piece of art and I wanted to ultimately come up with a design that would be as minimal in appearance as possible while still doing its job to hold up the weight of a bike.

I wanted to make the bike look like it was virtually floating on the wall. So I decided to design the piece so that the top bar sits down inside the shelf at a depth that hides the bar altogether.

I don’t actually own a bike so getting the dimensions just right was a little challenging but the owner Mike was super cool about getting me all the right dimensions so we were able to get it right. I drew a scaled version of the profile to make sure I liked the look of everything. I wanted the pinstripe detail to look just right and I ended up going with 1/2″ solid walnut with 1/8″ birch ply.

I forgot to shoot a pic of the lamination, I think I had 10 clamps on this little piece sandwiched between two pieces of laminate countertop.

I relieved the backside for the bracket as well as the front niche with a 1″ router bit. It’s a small piece so I had to make a bite-sized template for the router. Once this was all finished, I welded the bracket out of 3/4″ tube steel and 2″ x 1/8″ thick steel plate and I tested it on a wall in my house with about 70 pounds. The ultimate test was done by Mike at its new home.

Now available for purchase for $300 at my etsy shop.


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