Belomo Sideboard

The Belomo sideboard is a custom piece I recently finished. After seeing some of the cool mid-centuryesque toys that the owner collected, I decided to go with something that integrates a display of these pieces. Not noticeable in this pic but in others below, this piece integrates a second small cube which was designed to hide an ac box and is built to float above the floor at the same height as the sideboard.

I wanted this piece to be solid wood and after looking for something light and clear, I came upon poplar that didn’t have the typical green tint you see frequently. After biscuiting the pieces and a lot of sanding, I had the width I needed to make the sideboard.

 A couple smaller details I added to the design was steel plate shelves and a 1/4″ reveal at the top and bottom of the piece to accent the three doors. Once all that was routed, I biscuited and glued the box together.

I wanted to keep the four front panels/door nice and simple, but add a little detail with the groove that I routed 1/8″ deep. I was able to use two saw guides as a guide for the router and it worked out really nice.

Here is a shot of the interior with the steel shelves and blum hinges ready for doors to be installed.

The next step, which showed to be pretty time consuming, was building the boxes for the niche and installing them in the cabinet. I wanted the box to be framed out within the door so I routed out 7/8″ in the outside frame, leaving 1/4″ material to frame the box. Installing these boxes to get the reveal just right was a treat, but well worth it. After all was installed, I finished it off with 5/8″ steel rod legs and a stained white on the top and edges to accent the natural oiled poplar finish of the doors and interior.

This picture shows the two piece together, the floating one afar used as a display but also to hide an ac box that wanted to be concealed.


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3 Responses to Belomo Sideboard

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  2. ron says:

    good job on the display niche Curtis…

    those are some nice saw guides.. how long are they? where did you get them?

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