Chopped-up credenza

This credenza has been a fun project. I wanted to make something really long and narrow, so I came up with this design that is 7′ wide by 1′ tall. I started the project by cutting all the pieces for the doors and side panels and gluing them together. You can never have too many clamps :)

The next step was cutting all the interior pieces. I used birch ply for the top, bottom and back panels as they will not be exposed. All exposed areas will be ipe.  Below is progress of the piece, with all the panels and interior panels put together.  This is definitely one of those projects that makes me want a big shop with tools for larger scale wood work.

The doors and top panels were then installed. I used blum hinges for the doors. Since I don’t buy in the bulk, the cheapest supplier is Ikea, kinda funny. Anyhow, with some adjusting, I was able to get them to fit just right to leave room for the steel channel that will be installed between each section. The top pieces were cut to match the line of the doors, and this steel line will continue down to the legs.

Here is a shot of the interior with the door. I put vertical 1/4″ supports on the back side of the boards to ensure the glued wood doors would not become weak over time with slamming. I want to be sure it will last as it is one of my first of this type.

I recently acquired a few welders so this was my first run of welding legs and top/side details. They are made of 1″ tube steel and 1″ flat strap. Its a little tricky getting all the 90’s just right but my first run came out pretty good so I was happy. I then put a simple finish of black and clear poly over the top.  After that, the finishing sanding came and a few coats of teak oil. I ultimately want to put a lacquer for extra protection, but for now here it is.


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